Background to this blog

This blog is part of a larger process that was originally the writing of a book. I started researching and writing in early 2004 and interviewed a whole range of people over the next couple of years. By 2006 I began to feel that a full-length book on this project was going to take quite a few more years, so I decided to write a minibook in order to publish some of the insights I’d got from all that research.

This minibook came out in October 2006, published by Purple Sofa Publications (a publisher set up especially for the purpose). It is entitled Open Fidelity – an A-Z Guide and the full details are on the ‘Books’ tab. If you want to read the distilled wisdom from this blog without any of the waffle, buy the book now (click on the ‘Sales’ tab at the top)!

After that was published and the minor storm in the media about it had abated, I got on with writing what I called ‘the main book': a full-length book detailing all my research and interviews and ideas. And it was carrying along, slowly, in between me doing other things (like life) and trying to make a living.

But it was beginning to dawn on me that this is going to take a very long time to come to fruition, and that the financial rewards in the end are likely to be pretty small, if anything, unless it becomes a bestseller. So I started to wonder about alternatives ways of getting my ideas into the public domain that would involve less of a delay. I’m not completely altruistic, and I want to make sure I get credited for the parts of all this that are original, and it would be useful to make a little money as well, if only so that I can spend more of my time on the project.

So the result is this blog. At some point another book might arise out of this and non-blog material. In the future there will be adverts on the blog, hopefully unobtrusive ones. I will be looking for ways to make money from the blog without jeopardising the main aim of the project, which is to inform people about the possibilities of honest non-monogamy and help them to avoid cheating on their partners.

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  3. Anna,

    Thanks for the link to my blog here on your site. I’ve added you to my Google Reader, and I’ll be updating my own site with a link to this. I’m very interested in what you have to say, so I’m sure I’ll visit often. Thanks for bringing yourself into our community.