Commenting now easier

Following my post asking people to comment more, I’ve had several people saying it is really difficult to do so. I’ve now changed the settings so that you don’t have to be registered and logged in to comment, but if you aren’t you will have to type the word shown in a simple image to prove you’re human.

For those interested in WordPress technicalities, I’ve activated the Akismet and Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam plugins as well as changing the options on the blog.

Any comments on commenting?!

PS. Using the new way of commenting, your email address will remain in the input box after you’ve posted your comment. Don’t panic – it isn’t visible to anyone except you. If you don’t like it staying there for others on your computer to see, try deleting cookies that come from this website (Firefox: Tools, Options, Privacy, Show cookies, search – other browsers probably similar).

3 Responses to “Commenting now easier”

  1. Oh excellent, well done!! :D
    I am so pleased you’ve done this because you’ve written some excellent things before, and i have wanted to comment but been put off by the need to register. This is much better now.

  2. Hi. I have only recently found this site and am still absorbing all the info and advice it has to offer. I really hope you continue to run it and that more people will join in with comments and discussion on the blog. The open fidelity philosophy/idea is one I feel can be a positive lifestyle choice for many. I am still struggling with my own feelings of jealousy(which gets in the way of progress) and the internal imprint of the cultural norm that I carry around with me. When I am able to shed these restrictions I feel more secure and liberated than I have ever felt and yet it is hard to hold onto it for long. I do think for many it is more natural to share and feel love for more than one person. Thanks for creating this site and sharing your feelings and views on this subject.

  3. Thanks for sorting out the ‘visible email’ problem – it was me who panicked. It made me realise how difficult the web can be – if I’m trying to sort out my most intimate feelings and experiences and finding them at odds with the cultural norm, I don’t want to be visible to the whole world while I’m doing it. On the other hand, it’s wonderful to have this way of communicating, to know that so many people are being honest to themselves and to the people they love, and how else could we do it than here on the www, with people like Anna being willing to initiate it and moderate it? Thanks, Anna, and everyone.