Polyday in London 13-14 September

I’m coming out of blog-exile because there is a very important event happening next Saturday: London’s annual Polyday. It is described on the website as:

A two-day event for everyone who knows that happy and honest relationships don’t have to be monogamous, Polyday combines a day of discussions and an evening of dancing to give you a chance to meet like-minded people, to build our community and to celebrate its diversity

The theme this year is “How do you do it?”. There will be workshops all Saturday, including one run by me called ‘Introduction to polyamory’, and then a pub quiz and disco in the evening. On the Sunday there will be a special workshop all afternoon with Dossie Easton, author of The Ethical Slut, on jealousy in poly relationships. Other Saturday workshops include speed dating, agony aunt, poly activism, time management and poly households.

Hope to see lots of you there! Keep an eye on the website because the venue for the Sunday workshop may change for accessibility reasons.

One Response to “Polyday in London 13-14 September”

  1. wish i were a londoner. (is that what it’s called even?) i was in london once. not long enough though.