The stories I will be telling

In this blog you will have a chance to get to know some people whose relationship styles could be called Open Fidelity. They have gone about it in many different ways, but they have all had more than one lover, or had a partner who did, and have all been honest and responsible about it. […]

Receiving blog posts by email or syndication

I’ve just added a new page, which is linked from the list of pages on the right: Ways to read this blog. This explains how to receive posts or excerpts by email or using RSS feeds. It also explains how to become a registered user, in case this isn’t obvious, and why this is worth […]

Background to this blog

This blog is part of a larger process that was originally the writing of a book. I started researching and writing in early 2004 and interviewed a whole range of people over the next couple of years. By 2006 I began to feel that a full-length book on this project was going to take quite […]